A Love Piece was an intimate festival for celebrating the works of Nina Runa Essendrop, and a humble thank you for inspiring us to developing a new style of larp.

A Love Piece was held in January 2017 in Copenhagen. It was a cozy, relaxed and playful event.

The last four years we have seen the formation of sensational larps, a new sub-genre of larp that is unique to the blackbox: Rediscovering your body through movement, experimenting with the interplay between your senses, and using language in new ways.

None have been more important in shaping this new style of larp than Nina Runa Essendrop, and A Love Piece was a festival to celebrate her work and to say thank you for her contributions. During the festival we played larps, experimented with new larp methods, and discussed our experiences with tender voices – all in the spirit of Nina.

A Love Piece was supported by the
Danish national roleplay organisation, Bifrost.